Roadtripping through Spaghetti-like and Narrow Roads in Mallorca

We finally graduated from our bachelor’s program in Rotterdam last June. To celebrate this occasion, our class decided to celebrate together in Palma de Mallorca for a whole week. Taking any chance we get to be on the road, we decided to join in on the festivities. As our classmates proceeded to booking apartments in Palma, we figured we could add a little twist to the adventure by renting a car and making it our home on wheels instead. Flexibility and no accommodation costs at the expense of some comfort: seems good in theory…

Our home for the week spent in Mallorca

Having a home on wheels meant there was an obvious concern for not being able to shower for a week and having to rely on sea water to rinse our body every morning (might be too salty for some). Luckily our wonderful friend Mathieu kindly offered his apartment to allow for the occasional fresh water shower when needed.

Palma became our home base over the next week. We would leave for a night to one side of the island, come back in Palma to clean up, plan the next destination, and repeat. There was no real plan or goal, we only really wanted to relax and see what the island had to offer with our own eyes.

Something to emphasize for this trip is that Mallorca provided us with the golden opportunity to try something we have been interested in for a while: organizing an expedition to inspire others to travel. After a couple days of exploring, we found the perfect spot so we asked three of our dear friends to tag along with us for one night. We ended up sleeping in the car, and the three others shared two tents.

The five of ventured north in our cozy little Opel Astra. The plan was to reach Sa Calobra in the late afternoon, where we would indulge in some swimming and sunset watching. The drive in itself was not too long (only about an hour and a half away from Palma City) and although the ‘spaghetti-like’ and narrow roads made it somewhat nerve wrecking, the scenery was breathtaking and made up for it.

The Sa Calobra beach is nestled within an impressive gorge that felt cut off from the rest of the island. Only a handful of couples and families were scattered on the beach and the sunset was impressive, as it colored the entire sky and water.

Once the sun fully disappeared behind the sea’s horizon and the sky darkened, it was time to hit the road again and reach our camping spot. After successfully setting up camp, we prepared dinner, took out the red wine and enjoyed a calm and cool evening with friends. There was nothing else to bother us, no internet or screens, just five friends in the dark talking, laughing and playing card games. Well actually, we were interrupted by goats niched in the darkness of the forest surrounding us, but after a few convincing ‘beeeeh’s’ from Mathieu, the goats left us alone. We topped off the evening with some star gazing and green tea and then headed to sleep.

The next morning we made a final stop on our way back to Palma in the adorable town of Deia for a brunch and a quick dip in the sea.

Experiences like these are always memorable, but they become even more so when you get to share them with people you care about. The best in all of this was to hear the enthusiasm and happiness in the voice of our three friends as they shared the experience of our little escapade with others. We were further overjoyed to hear from Mathieu that this little experience led him to leave last minute on a hitchhiking adventure in Eastern Europe with a friend and no real plan for an entire month!

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